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Accenture is trying to exploit the potential of blockchain technology in Spain in order to create new jobs and improve its business opportunities. This is what Juan Pedro Moreno, president of Accenture in Spain, Portugal and Israel said at the Accenture Digital Conference.

Accenture To Explore Blockchain Solutions in Spain

Blockchain has been revolutionizing different industries all over the world. However, there are countries where there is a very unexploited market, and Spain is one of these nations. During the Accenture Digital Conference, Mr. Moreno explained that companies that are able to change the way in which they view the market will be able to properly compete in the economy.

About it he mentioned:

“In Accenture we have applied this recipe: today we are the first marketing agency in the world, we have new agreements and important clients in digital companies, we have invested over 1 billion dollars in purchases in the last couple of years, and we have even won EMMY prizes with our virtual reality practice.”

Today, more than 200 executives from important companies in Spain participated from an event to talk about how artificial intelligence, cloud services, the X.0 industry and cybersecurity could improve growth and increase the competition among players.

Some of the representatives will be Mapfre’s CEO, Evo Banco, Samsung and Ficosa. All of them will be sharing experiences about how they are applying blockchain technology in their companies.

Jose Luis Sancho, Managing Director at Accenture Digital in Spain, Portugal and Israel, said that human resources are also very important for this strategy to be successful.

“Talent makes a difference. In our case, we have 1850 individuals with different professions that are working side by side, from digital services designer to experts in big data,” commented Sancho. “72% of them have been incorporated to the company in the last four years.”

Xabier Mitxelena, Managing Director at Accenture Security, explained that although innovative technologies such as blockchain are essential for the future, just two every five companies decided to invest in them.

In Spain, the situation does not seem so brilliant for the future. Indeed, Carlos Gallego, managing director at Accenture explained that European companies are planning to spend more on technologies such as blockchain or Internet of Things (IoT) than Spanish companies.

If Spain wants to remain relevant at the European level it will have to use all the potential it has to offer. Accenture is clearly working in this direction and can be considered as an industry leader in the country.

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