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Avatar by May 30, 2019

Malware Campaign on YouTube: Free Bitcoin Videos Are Qulab Trojans

It’s always interesting to see the promises about free Bitcoins. Some are downright funny and people rightfully ignore them. A recent malware campaign on

Avatar by Jan 29, 2018

Cryptojacking: Crypto Mining Malware Affected YouTube and 55% of Worldwide Businesses

‘Cryptojacking’, the term used to describe an invasive method to mine cryptocurrencies. The hacker uses a software hidden in different webpages and it consumes CPU power from the victims. The CPU power of all the victims together can be used to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 13, 2019

Bitcoin Theft has to be Answered Personally by Craig Wright

One of the biggest scandals in the crypto community might seal Craig Wright’s fate. The controversial computer scientist is accused of a bitcoin theft

Avatar by Jun 13, 2019

Spring Labs Just Finished Their First $23 Million Funding Round

It’s always nice to see great ideas from blockchain startups be appreciated. Spring Labs just finished its first funding round worth $23 million so it can

Ian Karamanov by Jun 12, 2019

Blockchain-based Tools to be Used After Improvements from Microsoft

Microsoft is planning to introduce many improvements that will allow users access to blockchain-based tools. PowerApps and Microsoft Flow will have

Avatar by Jun 11, 2019

FacexWorm and the Many Threats of Old Viruses

FacexWorm is just one of the many, now considered “ancient” viruses which is still fairly common. Even though there aren’t many infected users,

Ian Karamanov by Jun 10, 2019

Ban Bitcoin ATMs: Money Laundering Blamed on Crypto ATMs

The problem with money laundering seems to only be growing in size. When governments however, decide to wash their hands and ban bitcoin ATMs, the situation

Avatar by Jun 10, 2019

Optimistic Crypto Forecasts: The Next Few Years Could be Wild

The is slowing down. After bitcoin climbed from $3K to almost $9K things are beginning to stagnate a bit. Optimistic crypto forecasts however, are

Avatar by Jun 7, 2019

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Blockchain Technology

Everyone is looking for a reliable way to predict the future. Many experts have wondered if the artificial intelligence impact on blockchain technolgy will

Ian Karamanov by Jun 7, 2019

Chinese Stablecoin Interest Quickly Passes Interest From the West

Even though China is very harsh on cryptocurrencies and the trade wars are heating up, the Chinese stablecoin interest seems to be growing rapidly

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