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by Dec 29, 2018

VISA Acquires Ripple’s Partner Earthport After Closing a £198 Million Deal

The credit card giant VISA will be acquiring Earthport after closing a £198 million deal. The information was released by VISA a few days ago in a statement.

by Oct 24, 2018

MasterCard and VISA consider ICO investments in the high risk category

Back in April, MasterCard was the first company to publicly classify Initial Coin Offerings and cryptocurrencies as “high risk”. Now VISA have also expressed their agreement and stated that from December, all transactions to forex, binary, crypto brokers and ICOs will be classified as “high risk”…

by May 21, 2018

Former VISA CEO Joins Crypterium Cypto Start-Up

Virtual currencies and blockchain technology continue attracting experts in the financial world. There are important figures that are trying to be part of the exponential growth that cryptocurrencies experienced during the last years. The former CEO of Visa UK, Marc O’Brien and Ireland will be working with Crypterium. Former CEO of Visa Now Works at […]

by Jan 6, 2018

Visa Decision Keeps Affecting Several Enterprises – BitPay Statement

On January the 5th, VISA, one of the largest payment processor and card issuer, has ended its partnership with WaveCrest. As we explained in another article, WaveCrest Holdings, Ltd is a global provider of payment solutions for a wide variety of industries and geographies. It helped VISA to distribute its card to several locations.

by Dec 6, 2019

Steps to Mass Adoption: Crypto PoS Terminals by 2020

When it comes to mass adoption, there are endless requirements before the phase is finally reached. Next year however, we could see the beginning of

by Oct 16, 2019

Chinese Monopoly is a Real Possibility if Libra Fails to Launch

It’s come to the point where a mega corporation that wants to establish global dominance is the only alternative to a Chinese monopoly in the developing

by Oct 14, 2019

The G7 has Spoken: Global Stablecoins a Threat to the Financial System

According to the G7 global stablecoins are a threat which has the potential to escalate and become a serious threat to the entire global financial structure

by Oct 7, 2019

Bitcoin Blenders Are Enforcers of Decentralization

In recent times, the decentralized economy has had to contend with the fact that centralized authorities would want to bring cryptocurrencies under

by Aug 11, 2019

Should Young People Invest in Bitcoin

Young people have a time horizon of 30 to 50 years of investment period toward their retirement age of 60 years old or even earlier. Having that in mind, it’s advisable to invest when you’re young.

by Jun 19, 2019

Libra White Paper Revealed: All Cards Are Now on the Table

People who were skeptic about Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency can now reasonably voice their concerns. The Libra white paper was just released and

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