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Ian Karamanov by Jan 25, 2019

Roskomnadzor to Sue Facebook and Twitter: Nation-wide Ban Possible

Roskomnadzor is suing both the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. This a result of both giants failing to comply with 2015 Russian Data Regulation.

Avatar by Oct 18, 2018

Elon Musk Twitter Cryptocurrency giveaway Scam: Twitter Scambots strike again

Twitter scambots are not something new and we’ve wrote about them recently. Ironically, Elon Musk had a lot to say in the past and he ended up impersonated…

Ian Karamanov by Jul 24, 2018

Scambots on Twitter. A Growing Threat to the Crypto Community and Social Media

Scambots are beginning to infest social media. Twitter has been the biggest victim, but this is a rapidly growing threat concerning every major social media

Avatar by May 5, 2018

Vertcoin Twitter account hacked. Fail of the week #1

We are starting a weekly series called Fail of the week, where we will feature big or small fails and the lessons that can be learned from them. Our first week we will feature a fail that happened earlier this week. I am talking about Vertcoin’s official Twitter account getting hacked. If you don’t know, Vertcoin is…

Avatar by Apr 10, 2018

Countries Plan Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, And Twitter for Banning Cryptocurrency Ads

During the last months, different important social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google, started to ban crypto-related adds. The companies alleged that they are fighting against scams and other possible fraud related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Avatar by Mar 29, 2018

Twitter Set Policies to Join Facebook Ban Cryptocurrency ads

Twitter is following the footsteps of Facebook and Google in blocking cryptocurrency ads. This was made known when the company spoke to the Verge, an American technology news media network operated by Vox media.

Avatar by Mar 29, 2018

Bitcoin is the Future of Finance, Says the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is one of the many experts who think bitcoin in the next 5 to 10 years will be the only currency that will be used on the internet for transactions. Jack Dorsey happens to be the CEO of Twitter and square, and he made this prediction while speaking to THE TIMES.

Ian Karamanov by Apr 19, 2019

Going Broke was Inevitable for Musk. He Risked Everything to Win

When going broke seemed inevitable, Elon Musk managed to make it through what he calls “the worst period of his life” and join the billionaire club by

Ian Karamanov by Apr 18, 2019

Delist Bitcoin SV: Crypto Exchanges United Behind Binance

Following Changpeng Zhao, a lot of crypto exchanges have decided to delist Bitcoin SV. It seems that Craig Wright’s behavior has finally

Ian Karamanov by Apr 15, 2019

Robotics to Help Replace Amazon Workers: Bezos’ Insolence

There is something very wrong when one of the world’s richest men lies to his own workers while actively planning to use robotics to replace them.