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Ian Karamanov by Oct 29, 2019

Chinese Blockchain Industry is Growing at an Alarming Rate

It’s no secret to anyone that the Chinese blockchain industry is growing rapidly. Investments in the country are also pouring in and currently

Ian Karamanov by Aug 20, 2019

Answer to Libra is Ready: China’s Digital Currency Has Been Completed

The answer to Libra’s potential groundbreaking market impact has been prepared. China is fully aware of the implications that Libra’s release could have on

Avatar by Jul 31, 2019

Oranco is Seeking a Blockchain Solution for Product Authenticity

Oranco, a Chinese liquor distributer and advertiser that specializes in Fenjiu alcohol and imported wines, is currently looking for a blockchain solution which will ensure the authenticity of its products.

Avatar by Jul 9, 2019

Counter-Cryptocurrency Against Libra Already in Development by China

Libra seeing the light of day seems to be putting China in a serious predicament. The People’s Bank of China is already working on a counter-cryptocurrency that

Avatar by Jan 31, 2019

Tesla is attacking the biggest auto market in the World – China

Back in the beginning of November 2018, Elon Musk announced that all production of Tesla battery modules and packs would be sourced for the new Mega Factory in Shanghai. Tesla is however, now looking for a new battery supplier…

Avatar by Sep 20, 2018

ICOs are a disruption to the financial order, states China’s Central Bank

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) had a great 2017, but 2018 is starting to look rough. China’s Central bank has issued a public statement reminding investors..

Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2018

These Crypto Giants are a Bright Example of Progress

Many people saw only an opportunity for profit when cryptocurrencies started to become popular. Some crypto giants used this opportunity to help everyone

Avatar by Jul 17, 2018

The Possibilities Of Blockchain For Failing World Economies

Nevertheless, as many industries are discovering, blockchain technology also allows for many other uses and applications as well. This remarkable technology offers the support necessary for the decentralized, anonymized tracking and transaction of digital currencies around the world.

Avatar by Mar 27, 2018

ICO: MyDFS – the Initial Coin Offering

MyDFS is a blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform from uTrener and KHL Fantasy apps creators. MyDFS runs on mobile devices and connects sports fans around the world in a transparent, easy-to-use manner.

Avatar by Mar 22, 2018

China Cracks Down on Fake Blockchain Technology Firms

It is now apparent that China’s stock exchanges are out to block companies from spreading false information around the blockchain technology, a move that has greatly influenced their share price.