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Avatar by Dec 30, 2018

Robinhood now offers Checking and Savings accounts, but Banks aren’t happy

The financial platform and app, Robinhood has launched its 3% interest Checking and Savings accounts recently. Often, 3% is well over the usual rate offered by banks and there are some very important differentials…

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

How Robinhood Edged Coinbase In The Month Of August

Robinhood is all about progress in and for the crypto community, and its users are very pleased with its work so far. Pioneering the reach out to most states for cryptocurrency trading in the United States has played off so far as it happens to be among the crypto traders in the US with the […]

Avatar by May 7, 2018

Robinhood Extends Its State Count To Eight In The US

Exactly three months after Robinhood announced to us that it was going to start trading cryptocurrencies in some states in the United States, it has already begun expansion into two more states. In February of this year Robinhood, Vladamir Tenev

Avatar by Jan 27, 2018

Zero-Fee Online Brokerage Robinhood to Offer Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading

Several investors have been entering to the cryptocurrency world during the last year. Most of the cryptocurrency trading sites have been experiencing difficulties and problems. But it did not mean that they were not taking fees when users were operating in the platform. Robinhood wants to change that.

Avatar by Jan 27, 2018

La aplicación Robinhood ofrecerá comercio de criptomonedas libre de tarifas en febrero

Robinhood permitirá que los usuarios puedan comerciar Bitcoin y Ethereum sin pagar ninguna tarifa por transacciones desde febrero de 2018. Robinhood es una empresa de reciente creación (startup) de tecnología financiera para el comercio de acciones libre de tarifas, fundada por Vlad Tenev y Baiju Bhatt. Esto es visto por muchos como un intento por […]

Avatar by Jan 27, 2018

No Fee Cryptocurrency Trading Coming To Robinhood In February

Robinhood, will allow you to trade in Bitcoin and Ethereum without any transaction fees beginning February 2018. Robinhood is a commission-free stock trading financial tech (fintech) start up founded by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. This is seen by many as an attempt to compete strongly with Coinbase who presently charge between 1.5 and 4 […]

Avatar by Feb 8, 2019

Developers should encourage the use of Decentralized Applications (dapps)

Centralized Applications and Exchanges are ruling over the Crypto industry, Decentralized Applications (dApps) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX). As we wrote before, Developers have been pretty vocal on encouraging users of centralized systems…

Avatar by Jan 7, 2019

Crypto Price Analysis: Christmas Shopping influenced the markets

During the Christmas holidays, the Cryptocurrency markets saw a strong rally. What followed however, wasn’t a Christmas miracle, but rather an intense Christmas Shopping as the next two days the Crypto market lost over $18 billion in market capitalization…

Avatar by Jan 4, 2019

The Big Debt Crisis: International Debt reached $184 Trillion, 22 from the US

Тhe Big Debt Crisis and Global Debt have reached $184 trillion. Every single person alive today, currently “owes” roughly $85 000 to the central banks…

Avatar by Jan 2, 2019

Waves Platform raised 120$ million for the Launch of its Private Blockchain

Waves Platform is a Blockchain network that managed to easily raise $120 million in a single funding round. The funds are enough and Waves are ready to release their private Blockchain – Vostok.