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Ian Karamanov by Oct 24, 2018

HTC Exodus: The New Blockchain Phone Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

The HTC Exodus is the latest blockchain innovation to hit the markets. The new phone by HTC can pave the way for a whole generation of blockchain phones

Ian Karamanov by Mar 5, 2019

Cryptopia Security Issues Still Present. Reopening Delayed Shortly

After the attack in January, the Cryptopia security team is hard at work optimizing the system against further breaches. Small issues have managed to delay the

Avatar by Jun 9, 2018

A Finance Minister, a Harvard Alumnus Professor, and Michael Terpin are backing the Etheal healthcare project

Powered by blockchain, the platform allows patients to find doctors online anywhere in the world, access reviews in their own language and send inquiries immediately.

Avatar by Feb 7, 2018

Blockchain is entering the Airline industry

Lately many industries found out about the many benefits that blockchain technology can bring to their business. Security and loyalty programs are just a part of these benefits. Last week FedEx announced plans to integrate blockchain technology into its daily operations. They want to secure data exchange between customers and thus increasing efficiency.

Avatar by Jan 25, 2018

The Bank of Ghana Clarifies That Bitcoin Is Not Yet Legal

Ghana, a country located on the Western coast of Africa has been one of the places where Bitcoin is popular. Even though the percentage of people who have a bit of knowledge about the digital asset is not too high, the few ones are really making use of it. Recently, the son of Dr. Paa […]

Avatar by Dec 27, 2017

Bitcoin Is Not a Threat, Says the Governor of the Central Bank of Belgium

Not long ago, the center for macroeconomics and the center for economic policy research conducted a survey of almost 50 academic universities across Europe. The majority were optimistic about the risk posed by the digital currency despite repeated warnings by senior financiers. Bitcoin small size and detachment from the wider financial system was one of […]

Avatar by Dec 2, 2017

Rentberry: Rental Market Disruptor

Do you think that the rent is damn high? Well, in many parts of US the price of rental properties is growing.

Avatar by Jan 23, 2019

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance criticized for advising holding on exchanges

Binance’s CEO came under heavy fire and criticism after he tweeted out an advice for Cryptocurrency holders. The tweet advised Crypto holders to store their holdings in big exchanges as opposed to personal storage devices like USB or hardware wallets…