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Ian Karamanov by May 8, 2019

Bitcoin Fees Are Skyrocketing: Lightning Network is Growing

Bitcoin fees have seen a steady increase which has reached 250%. While bitcoin’s price isn’t remotely close to its 2017 bull run levels, there are

Avatar by Oct 21, 2018

Chilean Exchange Buda Integrates its Platform with the Lightning Network

The Chilean cryptocurrency exchange is a step forward in the market. The company has decided to integrate Bitcoin into the Lightning Network.

Avatar by Oct 19, 2018

Acinq, a Lightning Network startup aims to increase Bitcoin transactions

Serena Capital has just finished leading a major funding round totaling $1.7 million. The funding was focused around Acinq, which is one of the leading startups currently working on the Lightning network.

Ian Karamanov by Sep 10, 2018

Submarine Swap: A New Lightning Network Innovation

The lightning network is still relatively new. The prospects which it presents, like the submarine swap, can change transactions overnight

Ian Karamanov by Aug 10, 2018

Lightning Network Technology Set to Revolutionize Payments Worldwide

Lightning Network Technology has Sci-Fi tiers of potential.. Users are just beginning to understand the advantages of such a technology

Avatar by Mar 15, 2018

New Record For the Lightning Network – Mainnet Reaches 1,000 Active Nodes

Lightning Network, the scalability solution for Bitcoin, is reaching a new milestone. This time, Lightning Network’s mainnet has reached 1,000 active nodes for the first time in its history. At the same time, there were registered 1863 open channels. It is expected that during this year the LN will be available.

Avatar by Feb 27, 2018

Laszlo Hanyecz, the Guy Behind Bitcoin First Transaction, Has Bought Pizza Using Lightning Network

We all know the story about the guy who bought two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoin. This was the first Bitcoin transaction registered. Today this transaction would be worth 105 million dollars. This guy is known as Laszlo Hanyecz and now he has bought another pizza using Lightning Network. And no, he did not pay 10.000 BTC for it!

Avatar by Jan 6, 2018

Atomic Swaps and Lightning Network – What Does It Mean for Litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the best known cryptocurrencies in the world. It was created as a fork of the bitcoin network to offer faster transactions and cheaper fees. Charlie Lee, its founder, has been working hard with an experienced developer team in order to offer a good quality currency.

Avatar by Dec 11, 2017

Discover Lightning Network: The Scaling Technology That Will Redefine Bitcoin Usage

“What is Bitcoin? Can I buy, like, pizza with it?” Read on to discover the answer to this question and more importantly, the Lightning Network. Dave Portnov, a sports blogger and Bitcoin investor asked this question during his inaugural video. Portnov’s question simply echoes what has been an obvious perception about Bitcoin: even as a […]

Avatar by Oct 16, 2017

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network: the peer-to-peer Misconception

  If Bitcoin is ever to become the main medium of exchange, its network need to be lightning-fast and black-Friday-sale-cheap. Before we delve into the details, let’s talk a bit about network topology. Usually, when we think about the network of Bitcoin, we picture a peer-to-peer network, similarly how torrent sites work. Each user is […]

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