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Ian Karamanov by Sep 16, 2019

First Crypto ATM Now Finally Operational in Venezuela

After a few failed attempts, the first crypto ATM has successfuly been installed in the country of Venezuela. The crypto ATM was installed just last week

Ian Karamanov by Sep 13, 2019

40% of Millenials Fear Recession And Look Towards Crypto

A recent eToro survey has shown that a large percentage of the millenial population seem to think that a recession is not only coming, it’s inevitable.

Ian Karamanov by Sep 12, 2019

Crypto Investment Fund Launched by Nickel Asset Management

Nickel Asset Management has managed to raise $50 million for the launch of it’s brand new crypto investment fund. The fund is focused on arbirtage trading

Ian Karamanov by Sep 5, 2019

Wrong E-Mail Quickly Solves Crypto Theft Worth $15K

A crypto theft worth $15K was effortlessly solved after the criminal mistakenly send an apology to the worst possible receiver – the detective leading

Ian Karamanov by Sep 2, 2019

North Korea Denies Government Agents Stealing $2 Billion in Crypto

A reply against accusations is a rare sight when it comes to some countries. This time however, North Korea denies any involvement of its government agents

Ian Karamanov by Sep 2, 2019

The Trade Wars and Their Effect on Cryptocurrencies

The trade wars between the United States and China are a conflict that could extend for quite a while. The world’s economy is bound to suffer some violent

Ian Karamanov by Aug 27, 2019

Transaction Alerts are Now Available for 15 Cryptocurrencies

Chainalysis has launched the long-expected transaction alerts for 15 cryptocurrencies. These real-time alerts will offer much more than just simple

Ian Karamanov by Aug 27, 2019

Cryptocurrencies and Narcotics Formed a Multi-Million Dollar Bussiness

While cryptocurrencies and narcotics are usually tied together in political speeches and dark web market places, this time the link has resulted in an

Ian Karamanov by Aug 23, 2019

Indian Supreme Court Slams the Reserve Bank of India Over Crypto Ban

The Indian Supreme Court has surprisingly went after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the account of the absolutely unprofessional way in which many

Ian Karamanov by Aug 19, 2019

Quonic: Crypto-Friendly Bank Is Open to Crypto Companies

The New York City bank Quonic is one of the few banks in the United States with a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. The bank has now also begun doing