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Ian Karamanov by Dec 12, 2019

Last Bitcoin: The Aftermath of All Bitcoins Being Mined

What’s gonna happen after the last bitcoin gets mined? Chances are, that the majority of people alive today won’t be around to see that, but from what we

Avatar by Dec 11, 2019

Bitcoin Gambling Regulations Around the Entire World

Gambling with various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and many more, has become an increasingly popular option for the players all around the world.

Ian Karamanov by Dec 9, 2019

Digital Gold: Every Single Day Gets Bitcoin Closer to the Target

Digital gold is something that is a source of great debates among many economists and institutions alike. It’s no secret that the next

Ian Karamanov by Dec 5, 2019

Elon Musk: Bitcoin Has Quite the Brilliant Structure

Elon Musk has been a longtime advocate for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In the beginning of the year, he stated that bitcoin’s structure was

Ian Karamanov by Nov 28, 2019

Illegal Bitcoin Transactions Occurring on the Dark Web

The majority of illegal bitcoin transactions happen on the dark web. Many experts however, are puzzled to find the reason of

Ian Karamanov by Nov 12, 2019

Dutch Court: Fake Bitcoin Ads Must be Removed from Facebook

A Dutch court has recently ruled that Facebook should now remove all of the fake bitcoin ads which feature celebrities and have already caused

Ian Karamanov by Nov 11, 2019

Flippening Predicted by Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Will Replace Gold

According to Bobby Lee, a “flippening” will occur within the next 9 years and Bitcoin will surpass gold by market cap. Currently, the precious metal’s

Ian Karamanov by Nov 4, 2019

United States National Debt: 23 Trillion Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

The United States national debt has been growing rapidly. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that the current quantitative easing strategy

Ian Karamanov by Nov 4, 2019

Coinbase Reveals Bitcoin Has Been Outperforming Stocks Since 2013

Coinbase reveals that bitcoin is not only outperforming stocks this year. The virtual asset has been causing an upset among tech stocks as early as 2013

Ian Karamanov by Nov 1, 2019

Bitcoin Future Scam in Malta is an Alternate Version of Bitcoin Revolution

According to the MFSA, the scam known as “Bitcoin Future” is displaying the majority of characteristics seen in a previous scam known as Bitcoin Revolution.

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