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by Nov 4, 2019

United States National Debt: 23 Trillion Reasons to Buy Bitcoin

The United States national debt has been growing rapidly. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to figure out that the current quantitative easing strategy

by Sep 18, 2019

United States Army Looking For Blockchain Experts

The United States Army is looking for blockchain specialists to help track the illegal use of cryptocurrencies as well as help against

by Aug 8, 2019

IRS Scam Letters Are Being Sent To Crypto Users in United States

Many crypto users in the United States have reported receiving IRS scam letters. These letters often threaten with legal action if the recipients

by Jul 8, 2019

Denying Access to Crypto and Mining for Iran: United States’ Reasons

There is much work to be done in order to improve the relationship between Iran and the United States. By denying access to cryptocurrencies and mining,

by Jan 30, 2019

Huawei Facing Criminal Charges in the United States

Trade relations between the China and the United States are already tight. The recent accusations against Huawei are bound to turn a few heads

by Jan 23, 2019

United States Government Bombarding Businesses with Subpoenas

A lot of companies are getting tired of the ever-increasing harassment from the United States government and agencies. Regardless if your business is based in the US or anywhere else in the world, there seems to be no escape from the subpoena bombardment.

by Apr 9, 2018

United States Based Companies Investing Huge In Blockchain

Blockchain for the layman is simply a more transparent and efficient means of recording data and moving money among several parties without the need of a central regulatory system. This is because the information is saved on several computers across the globe

by Apr 6, 2018

United States Authorities Catch Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Miners in Washington

Cryptocurrencies and the activities around them have been calling the attention of several investors and individuals all over the world. One of the activities that received an important support were cryptocurrency mining activities.

by Mar 17, 2018

Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain is expanding in the United States

Major China-based Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain is looking to expand its business into new territories like the United States.The company is looking to expand in the city of Port of Walla Walla in Washington. A major reason for this move is the Chinese regulators and regulations.

by Mar 9, 2018

United States Could Not Lead Cryptocurrency Innovations Says Ex-Market Regulator

The cryptocurrency market has been growing during the last year and it can keep doing it during 2018. Countries have been trying to avoid the side effects of cryptocurrencies by regulating the environment. At the same time, other countries tried to attract cryptocurrency investments with flexible regulations and a friendly approach towards them.

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