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Avatar by Oct 12, 2018

Cardano Makes Move Into Brazil With Crucial Meeting In Tokyo

Cardano’s research manager, Mario Larangiera, today had a meeting with representatives from Brazil to discuss integration and adoption of the Cardano network into the Brazil ecosystem. The meeting was between Cardano’s research manager and the president of Brazil’s National Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development in Brazil’s embassy in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

Avatar by Jul 15, 2019

BITPoint Hack Seems to be More Serious Than Originally Thought

Initial suspicions about the BITPoint hack have turned out to be slightly worse as time goes on. It appears that additional funds were

Ian Karamanov by Jan 21, 2019

Bitfury Group and the Quest to Decentralize the Music Industry

BitFury Group is starting the year with a very ambitious project. The new platform will aim at simplifying and securing the transfer of copyright assets.

Avatar by Nov 3, 2018

Most significant events of autumn-winter in the cryptocurrency market. Bakkt, IMMO and DxExchange.

The rise in the price of Bitcoin in autumn and winter of 2017 gained considerable attention from the media and investors. After a strong fall and a lingering flatline, many expect that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market will still slightly increase through inertia by the end of the year. One cannot say for sure […]

Avatar by Oct 16, 2018

Asset Management Firm To Set Up Cryptocurrency Investment Subsidiary

The company that is intended to be named Fidelity Digital Assets will be a limited liability corporation and operating from Boston tentatively. The corporation will provide cryptocurrency exchange trading, and provision of premium custody solutions and advisory or consultation services running constantly throughout the week, a 24/7 service system.

Avatar by Oct 13, 2018

Cryptocurrency Mining Company to Build Solar Farm to Mine Bitcoin in Spain

The cryptocurrency mining company Cryptosolartech, announced some days ago that it will be creating a massive solar farm to mine virtual currencies.

Avatar by Oct 13, 2018

UK Minister Wants Blockchain To Be Used In Post-Brexit Issues

“Blockchain has become this magical buzzword that people like Philip Hammond who don’t know what they’re talking about are pinning all kinds of hopes and dreams on. I think the onus is on the proponents to explain how blockchain tech could possibly help here. For starters, we would need to know what exactly is meant by “blockchain” here. If it means a Bitcoin-style peer-to-peer proof-of-work system, then obviously throughput and latency will be big issues, against what expected benefit?”

Avatar by Oct 10, 2018

Cardano Project Rust – A Big Move To Getting Third Party Development

The research and blockchain firm that is responsible for the emergence of the Cardano Ada token, created by Charles Hoskinson, is planning on releasing an open source project of is which will see the Cardano technology become open for third-party developers – something not so very common in the crypto sphere.

Avatar by Sep 9, 2018

Coinbase Doubling Staff Capacity Amid Works On A Bitcoin ETF

American crypto trader based in San Francisco, Coinbase, has made some pretty impressive progress in terms of fulfilling its vision and plan for the year 2018. The company had as part of its plans for the year a doubling of its staff and has apparently met that target just at the end of the third […]

Avatar by Aug 7, 2018

Buenos Aires and Bogota Among the Top 10 Crypto-Related Cities in the World

There are different cities all over the world that are very cryptocurrency friendly. But the surprising thing is that there are two Latin American capitals in the top 10, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.