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by Jul 16, 2019

Blockchain ID System to be Launched in South Korea by 2020

South Korea will be able to use the currently developed blockchain ID system by 2020. Initial plans about the project were revealed in

by Apr 25, 2019

Samsung Coin Developed in Secret: South Korean Regulations

Regulations can be an obstacle even for global mega corporations. If the rumors that a Samsung Coin is being developed turn out to be true, the

by Sep 5, 2018

Blockchain Investing to be Doubled in South Korea for 2019

Blockchain investing in South Korea is going to double in 2019. This year had it’s ups and downs, but it showcased South Korea’s big interest

by Aug 16, 2018

Jeju Island of South Korea’s Rebellious Ambitions of Becoming a Crypto Hub

Jeju Island of South Korea is seeking the central government’s help in becoming a global crypto hub focused on innovation

by Jul 26, 2018

Binance Ready to Enter South Korean Market

Binance is getting ready to enter the South Korean markets. The Chinese giant will offer security and competitiveness to the markets.

by Jul 9, 2018

A Big Step! South Korean Crypto Exchanges are now financial institutions

The South Korean government and financial authorities decided officially to recognize South Korean Crypto Exchanges as financial institutions…

by Jun 27, 2018

The Aftermath of the Hacks on the Crypto Exchanges in South Korea

Korea has experience with cyber attacks on it’s crypto platforms. Despite the rough two weeks, support for cryptocurrencies remains strong.

by Jun 15, 2018

South Korea to Follow Switzerland in Opening up a Crypto City

Switzerland has always been the global financial innovator. It comes as no surprise that they have their own Crypto City. South Korea has decided to follow.

by May 29, 2018

South Korea: Bithumb is closing accounts of non-compliant countries

Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb will ban past and new accounts of users that are from the blacklist of eleven Non Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT). The move was officially announced on Monday, 27th May and is part of the exchange’s compliance with the global anti-money laundering (AML) norms.

by May 15, 2018

South Korean Exchange Employees Receive Arrest Warrants

A small South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has received arrest warrants for some of its employees, including the representative director. According to a local news outlet, arrest warrants have been issued to some employees of a South Korean crypto exchange known as HTS Coin.

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