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Ian Karamanov by Oct 9, 2018

Seoul Mayor Announced $100 Million Investment: Transforming Seoul into a Smart City

The Seoul Mayor hopes to turn the South-Korean capital into a futuristic smart city. Over the course of 5-years, the mayor’s administration

Ian Karamanov by Jan 21, 2019

Bitfury Group and the Quest to Decentralize the Music Industry

BitFury Group is starting the year with a very ambitious project. The new platform will aim at simplifying and securing the transfer of copyright assets.

Avatar by Oct 10, 2018

Cardano Project Rust – A Big Move To Getting Third Party Development

The research and blockchain firm that is responsible for the emergence of the Cardano Ada token, created by Charles Hoskinson, is planning on releasing an open source project of is which will see the Cardano technology become open for third-party developers – something not so very common in the crypto sphere.

Avatar by Oct 10, 2018

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay Will Host the Blockchain Accelerator Event

Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will be hosting the Blockchain Accelerator event between October 22 and November 7. The interesting thing about this event is the fact that it will be held in three different countries, which have been very involved in the crypto market.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 29, 2018

Illegal Mining: Fast Money, Cheap Electricity and Almost no Regulations

With illegal mining picking up steam and elecricity prices remaining high, it’s normal that alternative mining options are becoming popular

Avatar by Aug 7, 2018

Buenos Aires and Bogota Among the Top 10 Crypto-Related Cities in the World

There are different cities all over the world that are very cryptocurrency friendly. But the surprising thing is that there are two Latin American capitals in the top 10, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2018

These Crypto Giants are a Bright Example of Progress

Many people saw only an opportunity for profit when cryptocurrencies started to become popular. Some crypto giants used this opportunity to help everyone

Ian Karamanov by Jul 26, 2018

Binance Ready to Enter South Korean Market

Binance is getting ready to enter the South Korean markets. The Chinese giant will offer security and competitiveness to the markets.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 20, 2018

Crypto Exchange, Bithumb hacked! Market Gains Erased in Minutes

Attacks on cryptocurrencies are increasing. The hit on the South Korean Crypto exchange was the second in a little over a week and a half.

Avatar by May 23, 2018

ICO: PRASM – the Initial Coin Offering

The vision of the PRASM project is to allow people to create an ecosystem of wellness in which everyone can contribute to themselves and each other: it a virtuous circle that the PRASM Project pursues.