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by Oct 18, 2019

Cointelegraph Ban Enforced in Russia: No Explanation by Roskomnadzor

The recently confirmed Cointelegraph ban by Roskomnadzor has received no explanation or justification. For quite a while now, Russian citizens have proteste

by Jun 7, 2019

Russian Oil Industry Plans to Make Serious Use of GlobalCoin

The Russian government might have a harsh stance on cryptocurrencies, but the Russian oil industry stands to benefit quite a bit from Facebook’s upcoming

by Apr 16, 2019

Great Firewall of Russia Voted in by the Parliament: Implications

More censorship is never good. Unfortunately, the Russian government is moving forward with its own version of the Great Firewall which will inevitably

by Jan 24, 2019

Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev: We should pay more attention to Crypto

The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev held a speech at the Gaidar International Scientific Forum. The Russian Prime Minister addressed the situation with the Crypto Bear market and advised to pay attention to Crypto…

by Oct 12, 2018

Experts consider the Russian Crypto Legislation Bill as a failiure

Russia isn’t the country where legislations are easily passed. There have been numerous attempts to pass a crypto legislation since the beginning of the year, but all of them have ended in failure. The closest point to success…

by Jul 16, 2018

Russia Blockchain Summit 2018

As part of WBS World Tour 2018, GBF is in process of building deep integration with 50+ leading & emerging markets in the space of Blockchain, DLT & tokenomics space. For the same, GBF is hosting ASEAN Blockchain Summit [ABS] 2018- GBF’s Flagship Cluster Event for ASEAN Region including Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong as part of World Blockchain Summit 2018.

by Jul 9, 2018

Sanctions can be Ignored with Blockchain technology. Russia’s Stance

Sanctions can be crippling, especially in the modern financial world. Blockchain technology can be used as a fresh breeze in the tense situation.

by Jun 7, 2018

Russia and Eastern Europe Embracing the Financial Revolution

Even with the somewhat unfavourable views on cryptocurrencies, Russia and Eastern Europe race to gear themselves for the financial future. Government restrictions, FUD and speculations cannot stop the financial evolution.

by May 17, 2018

Sberbank Completes First Blockchain Transaction of Commercial Bonds in Russia

Blockchain technology moves forward and expands all over the world. This time, the Russian bank Sberbank has completed its first blockchain-enabled commercial bond transaction. The operation was carried through its Corporate and Investment banking business section (CIB), according to an announcement on May the 16th.

by Apr 17, 2018

Russian court issued a ban on the messaging app Telegram

The popular messaging app Telegram has been banned in Russia. A Russian court ruled a ban on the messaging service on April 13th and ruled in favor for the Russian government. It was reported that the messaging giant will be banned effective immediately. The decision comes a week after the Russian telecommunications…

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