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Avatar by Aug 11, 2018

Ripio Lands in Mexico to Further Expand in All Latin America

One of the most important cryptocurrency platforms in Argentina has decided to land in Mexico and keep its expansion plan in Latin America. On August 14, 2018, the company will be launching a virtual currency wallet in Mexican soil.

Avatar by Dec 19, 2018

UNICEF: 6 Blockchain Venture Startups that will help Humanity

UNICEF is doubling down on blockchain technology. After the recent call to action, UNICEF’s Innovation Fund is already hard at work implementing the new technology.

Ian Karamanov by Dec 3, 2018

KingMiner: The New Adaptive Mining Malware With Endless Possibilities

Kingminer is a new and very unique form of malware. After being studied by researchers, the malware seems to be adapting to the methods used against it.

Avatar by Oct 11, 2018

Latin American e-Commerce Platform Could Soon Sell Bitcoin to Customers

The Latin American e-commerce platform known as Rappi will start selling Bitcoin (BTC) to its customers. At the moment, the company is one of the most important tech startups in the region and has been dubbed by the media as the ‘Latin American Tech Unicorn.’ The information has been released on October 6 by the local news source Cripto247.

Avatar by Sep 1, 2018

How Robinhood Edged Coinbase In The Month Of August

Robinhood is all about progress in and for the crypto community, and its users are very pleased with its work so far. Pioneering the reach out to most states for cryptocurrency trading in the United States has played off so far as it happens to be among the crypto traders in the US with the […]

Avatar by Aug 21, 2018

Banxico Wants to Use Virtual Currencies to Process Electronic Payments

More and more banks, enterprises and organizations are starting to enter in the technological, cryptocurrency and blockchain world. This time, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico), started the last Wednesday with a public consultation in order to use virtual currencies to process payments.

Avatar by Aug 13, 2018

Podemos Political Party Wants to Regulate Virtual Currencies

One of the most important political parties in Spain, Podemos, asked the Congress to study about blockchain technology. Additionally, the intention is to regulate virtual currencies and their potentialities. In this way, different influencers and politicians in the European country have been discussing these topics and prioritizing them. 

Avatar by Aug 10, 2018

From Indonesia to Argentina – How Was SatoshiTango Founded?

SatoshiTango is one of the most important trading platforms in Argentina were users can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But there is a very interesting story behind the creation of this platform.

Ian Karamanov by Aug 7, 2018

World Governments and How They Defined Cryptocurrencies

Governments have defined cryptocurrencies in many different ways. Their many and unique qualities make them nearly impossible to define.

Avatar by Jul 21, 2018

Cryptocurrency Projects and ICOs Expand in the Mexican Market

There are different companies all over the world that are gathering an important amount of funds with so called Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Mexico is also home of known projects that have used this new fundraising method with virtual currencies.