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by Sep 4, 2019

HNIs From India Are Massively Choosing Bitcoin Over Altcoins

The majority of HNIs from India, seems to be intested in a bitcoin investment over an altcoin one. Most of the people in the survey shared that they would

by Aug 23, 2019

Indian Supreme Court Slams the Reserve Bank of India Over Crypto Ban

The Indian Supreme Court has surprisingly went after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the account of the absolutely unprofessional way in which many

by Jul 9, 2019

KBC Coin: Yet Another Crypto Pyramid Scheme Revealed in India

Yet another crypto scheme was uncovered by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of India. KBC Coin had quite a bit of resources behind

by Mar 28, 2019

Space Weapons Tested by India: Sci-Fi and Reality Meet

Space weapons are no longer in the sci-fi category. They are very real and in the next few years, will without a doubt become major game changers.

by Jan 11, 2019

India Crypto Legalization: First Steps in the Right Direction

India is making it’s first step towards embracing the digital asset revolution. It’s without question that the India crypto legalization dilemma has been a hot topic for both crypto enthusiasts and government officials.

by Dec 28, 2018

Report Says Cryptos Could Soon be Legalized in India

According to a new report released by the local news outlet New India Express, cryptocurrencies could be legalized in India. The country has usually taken several measures that were not so friendly towards Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies.

by Oct 25, 2018

Indian Police Begin Operations To Restrict Cryptocurrency Trading In The Country

Essentially, blockchain is the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrencies and records every single cryptocurrency transaction on the market. This attitude of “blockchain, not crypto” has been condemned by some, like Coinbase’s CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, saying it’s overrated.

by Sep 18, 2018

Indian Websites Targeted by Cryptojacking: Huge Increase in Malware Infections

Indian websites have recently become victims of large-scale malware infections. This is a far more serious problem that it appears and it’s not limited to India

by Aug 9, 2018

India Blockchain Platform to Help Establish India’s First Blockchain District

The India Blockchain community has seen heavy regulation by the government and many startups have moved abroad. This is all about to change

by Jul 18, 2018

Ripple in India! Ripple wants to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India

Ripple is trying to become the dominant Cryptocurrency in India and they are aiming to take over more than 50% of India’s financial and monetary sector…

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