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Avatar by Jul 11, 2019

IEOs: The Pros and Cons of this Method of Crowdfunding

IEOs offer a different approach to crowdfunding. This in-depth look will aim to help you find out if an IEO poses less risks than the traditional

Ian Karamanov by May 31, 2019

EOS Coinbase Partnership Marks a Crazy Month for the Exchange

The EOS Coinbase partnership is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crypto exchange’s incredibly successful last month. Coinbase has managed

Avatar by May 30, 2019

Malware Campaign on YouTube: Free Bitcoin Videos Are Qulab Trojans

It’s always interesting to see the promises about free Bitcoins. Some are downright funny and people rightfully ignore them. A recent malware campaign on

Avatar by Dec 1, 2018

Dan Larimer Works on Another Project; Denies Leaving EOS

Dan Larimer, the cryptocurrency and blockchain developer and the founder of EOS, might be leaving EOS, or at least, he will be focusing on a new project. On Twitter, the cybersecurity expert @cyber_hokie, uploaded an image in which it is possible to see a few messages of Dan Larimer. Larimer says that he is working on another project.

Ian Karamanov by Oct 12, 2018

EOS Community Divided: The Differences Between East and West

The EOS community is no stranger to division. Recently however, the issues between East and West are starting to grow at an alarming rate

Avatar by Sep 5, 2018

Charles Hoskinson Has A Take On EOS, Crypto Cults, And Cardano

A supposedly lost-in-the-system token, Cardano, happened to resurface this weekend in what seemed to be an eye opener for most people.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 26, 2018

China’s Cryptocurrency Ranking puts EOS above Ethereum

China is investing heavility into the future. The recent CCID cryptocurrency ranking shows that according to Chinese experts EOS ranks higher than Ethereum.

Avatar by Jun 11, 2018

Why are people so hyped about EOS and EOSIO? Is EOS Ethereum’s biggest competition finally started launching version 1.0 of their open-source blockchain protocol – EOSIO. EOSIO is a platform and an ecosystem that will allow developers to build applications for commercial and corporate use cases. The project is more than anticipated, as cryptocurrency enthusiast have invested in…