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by Nov 5, 2019

Smart City. China’s Futuristic Concepts for the Future of Urban Life

China’s Smart City design will pave the way for other countries when it comes to urban innovation. The futuristic concepts promise a bright future.

by Nov 1, 2019

Returning to China: Binance Office Rumored to be Opening in Beijing

According to unconfirmed information, Binance is returning to China and opening a new office in Beijing. Many Binance employees have been noticed to

by Sep 26, 2019

Investment in China: Bitmain’s Return Sparks Questions

Bitmain’s long awaited return in China has sparked many questions. The giants investment in China can only mean that the company has already decided which

by Sep 16, 2019

Inner Mongolia Regulators Demand That China Bans Mining Farms

Inner Mongolia regulators have decided that there are far too many crypto mining facilities oeprating within the province and have thus requested that

by Aug 20, 2019

Answer to Libra is Ready: China’s Digital Currency Has Been Completed

The answer to Libra’s potential groundbreaking market impact has been prepared. China is fully aware of the implications that Libra’s release could have on

by Jul 9, 2019

Counter-Cryptocurrency Against Libra Already in Development by China

Libra seeing the light of day seems to be putting China in a serious predicament. The People’s Bank of China is already working on a counter-cryptocurrency that

by Apr 10, 2019

Ban Crypto Mining, says China: Bitmain to have Huge Problems

China’s call to ban crypto mining will most likely have a positive effect on the market. Bitmain however, will have to seriously change the company’s

by Jan 31, 2019

Tesla is attacking the biggest auto market in the World – China

Back in the beginning of November 2018, Elon Musk announced that all production of Tesla battery modules and packs would be sourced for the new Mega Factory in Shanghai. Tesla is however, now looking for a new battery supplier…

by Jan 28, 2019

Move Capital Out of China: Gems Used to Evade Capital Controls

A very interesting and creative approach is being undertaken by Chinese citizens in order to move capital out of China. Wealthy clients are using the

by Jan 22, 2019

Financial Injection by China: $83 Billion to Counter Economic Decline

The People’s Bank of China is taking drastic measures to counter the economic decline. A financial injection worth $83 billion has been shot into the market

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