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Avatar by Sep 3, 2018

Founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee: Hedge with Bitcoin during Bear markets

The creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee was interviewed recently by CNBC and he answered some interesting questions. A former computer scientist and engineer..

Avatar by Dec 21, 2017

Charlie Lee, Litecoin Founder, Sells All His Litecoin

Charlie Lee, Litecoin founder, has announced on Reddit that he has sold out all his Litecoin (LTC). The main intention was not to be related with price news. In the past weeks, he has been accused of shortening Litecoin.

Avatar by Nov 6, 2017

Charlie Lee, “Fiat Currency is Easier for Day to Day Transactions”

Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator, believes that fiat money is better for day to day transactions than his own creation. Charlie Lee is an ex Google engineer, who worked in the exchange platform Coinbase and graduated from the MIT.

Avatar by Jan 6, 2018

Atomic Swaps and Lightning Network – What Does It Mean for Litecoin?

Litecoin is one of the best known cryptocurrencies in the world. It was created as a fork of the bitcoin network to offer faster transactions and cheaper fees. Charlie Lee, its founder, has been working hard with an experienced developer team in order to offer a good quality currency.

Ian Karamanov by May 10, 2019

Travala and Litecoin Partnership Showing Great Promise

A very interesting partnership between Litecoin and Travala offers a many great options for Travala’s clients to use Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies

Ian Karamanov by Dec 28, 2018

Clear Message from 2018: Onwards Only the Strong Survive

2018 will leave behind a very clear and strong message: Only the strong will survive. Gone are the days where shady projects can easily collect $20 million

Avatar by Sep 6, 2018

IBM launches a Blockchain Payment Network on Stellar

IBM introduced Blockchain World Wire. BWW’s genius design uses digital currency on the Stellar blockchain. This enables Blockchain World Wire to facilitate…

Avatar by Sep 5, 2018

Eminem shouts out Bitcoin in his new album Kamikaze

Eminem’s new surprise album “Kamikaze”, a track featuring Royce Da 5’9 mentions Bitcoin. This is not the first time these two American rappers collaborate..

Avatar by Aug 2, 2018

Crypto Phone? HTC Exodus is About to Revolutionize the World

The new crypto phone by HTC is will rock the markets. With over 100 million smartphones sold since 2008, HTC is getting ready to take the market by storm

Avatar by May 14, 2018

Famous Verge partnership. Fail of the week #2

In this week’s Fail of the week, we are going to take a look at a famous partnership that shook the cryptocurrency community and the aftermath of it so far. The partnership was unveiled on April 17th, after months of speculation by the community. The Verge partnership was made with the adult industry giant, Mindgeek

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