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Avatar by May 11, 2018

IOTA Is Partnering With Canada’s Kontrol Energy

After a hard time bashes from the media and allegations, IOTA might just be getting back on track with good publicity and winning the heart of the media once more. This time around, it’s about a new project that it is working on with Canadian enterprise, Kontrol Energy.

Avatar by Apr 21, 2018

JP Morgan, National Bank of Canada, and Goldman Sachs, Work with Blockchain Technology

Some international and central banks are experimenting with blockchain technology for debt issuance. These banks are JP Morgan, the National Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, and many other companies.

Avatar by Jan 26, 2018

Canada is Not Able to Meet Electricity Demand from Bitcoin Miners

It has been rumoured in the last months and weeks that Canada could be the next hub for Bitcoin miners. China is worried about the electricity consumption used by the Bitcoin mining industry. That’s why, cryptocurrency miners were searching new places in the world so as to keep with their activities.

Avatar by Jan 15, 2018

Bitmain is Searching Potential Mining Sites in Canada

Bitmain, one of the gigantic mining enterprises all over the world, is searching new mining sites in Canada. Quebec could be the province that would host the most miners. The mining company is already negotiating with the Canadian authorities. Some time ago, Bitmain announced that it was expanding to Switzerland to the so called “Crypto Valley”.

Ian Karamanov by Dec 10, 2019

Blockchain Spending to See a Huge Increase in the Near Future

Governments, companies and organizations are all investing money in blockchain technology because of the solutions it offers.

Ian Karamanov by Nov 26, 2019

Canadian Gambling Industry is Working Towards Crypto Adoption

The Canadian Gambling Industry is making substantial efforts in the development and popularization of bitcoin. Via numerous initiatives,

Ian Karamanov by Oct 8, 2019

QuadrigaCX Saga: CEO’s Widow Handing Over $9 Million to Clients

The saga which enfolds QuadrigaCX seems to be far from finished. Many of the crypto exchange’s creditors are voicing out their concerns that the

Ian Karamanov by Sep 24, 2019

Full Shutdown for Kik: Legal Battle with the SEC Over ICO

The legal dispute between Kik and the SEC has resulted in the Canadian startup’s full shutdown. The chat app will be closing down and just a few employees

Ian Karamanov by Sep 16, 2019

First Crypto ATM Now Finally Operational in Venezuela

After a few failed attempts, the first crypto ATM has successfuly been installed in the country of Venezuela. The crypto ATM was installed just last week

Ian Karamanov by Jul 5, 2019

Hashing24 Will Allow Clients to Relive the Old Solo Mining Glory Days

Today, mining bitcoin from your own computer is impossible. Hashing24 however, will allow solo miners the ability to lease hash power via

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