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by Sep 26, 2019

Investment in China: Bitmain’s Return Sparks Questions

Bitmain’s long awaited return in China has sparked many questions. The giants investment in China can only mean that the company has already decided which

by Aug 20, 2019

Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong: Bitmain Against Mangocoin

Every project dreams of a successful marketing campaign. When the campaign is done on the reputation of another company however, things become

by Aug 6, 2019

Chinese ASIC Manufacturer Bitmain Lost $625 Million

The Chinese ASIC manufacturer Bitmain certainly did not think that the year would start in such a way. The sales of the outdated ASICs seem to have caused

by Jun 6, 2019

New Trading Platform Developed by Ex-Bitmain CEO

Total market dominance can be offered to the Chinese government. The new trading platform developed by Jihan Wu, would realistically offer total market

by Apr 10, 2019

Ban Crypto Mining, says China: Bitmain to have Huge Problems

China’s call to ban crypto mining will most likely have a positive effect on the market. Bitmain however, will have to seriously change the company’s

by Dec 27, 2018

Bitmain Layoffs are Apparently Not Harmless Rumors

The bitmain layoffs originated as a rumor on Maimai, the Chinese equivalent of LinkedIn. However as time passed more and more users confirmed

by Sep 28, 2018

Prospectus of Bitmain Shows Interesting Data After the Company Filed for an IPO

Bitmain’s recent application for an IPO has brought much much discussion. The prospectus shares information on the company’s resources and its potential

by Jul 18, 2018

Silicon Valley Opening the Doors to Bitmain and Futuristic Crypto Innovations

For the longest time Silicon Valley has attracted the companies who want to change the world through progress and innovation.

by Mar 17, 2018

Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain is expanding in the United States

Major China-based Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain is looking to expand its business into new territories like the United States.The company is looking to expand in the city of Port of Walla Walla in Washington. A major reason for this move is the Chinese regulators and regulations.

by Jan 18, 2018

Siacoin is Now Supported by Antpool and Bitmain Launches New Miner

Siacoin token, has been in the media during the last days due to its price surge. This cryptocurrency has moved from $0.025 dollars on January the 2nd up to $0.10 dollars on January the 6th. This has called the attention of several investors that could be thinking about future returns.

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