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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Sep 19, 2019

GK8: Israeli Startup Develops a System for Offline Crypto Transactions

GK8, the Israeli startup has developed a system that might revolutionize crypto security. The new system is basically a cold wallet with hot properties

Ian Karamanov by Sep 19, 2019

Old-Style Extortionists Try to Destroy a Crypto Startup

A couple of old-style extortionists attempted to shakedown and threaten the CEO of an upcoming crypto startup. The criminals are now charged and will most

Ian Karamanov by Sep 18, 2019

MasterBlock: A Unique Time-Piece With an Amazing Secret

MasterBlock is a very unique, limited-edition time-piece which is being developed by Gvchiani and Cryptolex. Not only is this watch a tribute to blockchain

Ian Karamanov by Sep 18, 2019

United States Army Looking For Blockchain Experts

The United States Army is looking for blockchain specialists to help track the illegal use of cryptocurrencies as well as help against

Ian Karamanov by Sep 17, 2019

Kraken Bug Allowed the Purchase of Bitcoin Below Market Price

The Kraken bug detected last week allowed some clients to purchase bitcoin below market prices. According to additional information, some clients were

Ian Karamanov by Sep 17, 2019

Real Estate Tokenization Partnership Between Harbor and iCap Equity

The recently announced partnership between iCap Equity and Harbor is started with the ambitious goal of real estate tokenization. Currently, the partnership

Ian Karamanov by Sep 16, 2019

First Crypto ATM Now Finally Operational in Venezuela

After a few failed attempts, the first crypto ATM has successfuly been installed in the country of Venezuela. The crypto ATM was installed just last week

Ian Karamanov by Sep 16, 2019

Inner Mongolia Regulators Demand That China Bans Mining Farms

Inner Mongolia regulators have decided that there are far too many crypto mining facilities oeprating within the province and have thus requested that

Avatar by Sep 15, 2019

UK Exchange Rates after Brexit Vote Aftermath

2In June 2016, Britons voted to end their country’s four-decade-long membership of the EU. Back then, they had no way of knowing how Britain or her economy would fare after the vote. They could only guess, but not for long. Shortly after the referendum, the pound fell sharply against the US Dollar and the Euro […]

Ian Karamanov by Sep 13, 2019

Rookie Traders and Why Bitcoin Trading has a 95% Failure Rate

Everyone hopes to make it big, but few things have higher failure chances than rookie traders and crypto trading. Most rookie traders seem to go bust only

Ian Karamanov by Sep 13, 2019

40% of Millenials Fear Recession And Look Towards Crypto

A recent eToro survey has shown that a large percentage of the millenial population seem to think that a recession is not only coming, it’s inevitable.

Ian Karamanov by Sep 12, 2019

IdentiCAT ID System Revealed by Catalonian Government

IdentiCAT, a brand new decentralized ID system was revealed to be developed by the Catalonian government in last week’s announcement.

Ian Karamanov by Sep 12, 2019

Crypto Investment Fund Launched by Nickel Asset Management

Nickel Asset Management has managed to raise $50 million for the launch of it’s brand new crypto investment fund. The fund is focused on arbirtage trading

Ian Karamanov by Sep 11, 2019

Open World Scavenger Hunt with $1 Million Bitcoin Reward

Many people believe the open world scavenger hunt is actually a government agency recruitment program, but so far a lot of people who joined seem to be

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