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Samsung unveiled it’s own method of mining for bitcoins

Since it’s inception, Bitcoin has been changing the way people have traded for goods and services over the internet. It’s dentralized thus it isn’t controlled or manipulated by a single government, and is secure. But with all great things there are some down sides. For instance, the price of these coins is volatile which makes some people hesitant to adopt this new way of trading. Nevertheless, many people want them and have been doing a number of things to obtain them such as gambling, working, and mining. Regarding the last option, people have been implementing creative ways of mining for bitcoin ever since the difficulty has surpassed the capabilities of regular CPUs and GPUs. Samsung has unveiled it’s own method of mining for bitcoins involving over 40 Galaxy S3s and some tablets stripped of their android operating system in favor of different objects made specifically for mining bitcoins. Samsung unveiled their rig at their most recent developer’s conference in San Francisco. This wouldn’t be their first venture into the world of bitcoin since it has worked on the technology in the past in partnership with IBM for the development of blockchain applications.

Samsung employee talks about Bitcoin and Mining

Robert Schultz, A spokesperson for Samsung told an interviewer at motherboard that this software is a viable method for making an environmentally responsible way for resurrecting old devices such as phones and tablets because recycling phones requires the involvement of the original manufacturer. This could keep old electronic devices running longer since new apps don’t run on old phones once new updates of apps or phone operating systems start to require more system resources from the device. This is a good thing because when people start to experience their phonses or tablets slowing down, or eventually freezing and restarting, they tend to put them in a junk drawer or in the closet for emergencies and then buy a new device. This is a huge advantage for the companies since they make money every time a new phone is purchased. Because of this, re-purposing old devices is an

unusual move for an electronic manufacturing company to take since companies in the tech world are notorious for artificial obsoletion, the practice of designing an electronic device to either slow down, or completely stop functioning after a predetermined amount of time.
Samsung has not added any additional information regarding their new rig in the form of technical details. Current, Samsung hosts a placeholder on the website GitHub for the upcycling project. This page is expected to form the basis of creating a community built around repurposing older hardware for newer uses in the future. Samsung has already had some success with repurposing their hardware when they turned an old galaxy note into a fulling functioning laptop with ubuntu installed on it. This github page will host the software needed to remove android from the older devices before creating new purposes for these outdated technologies. This might be what the world needs in order to curtail it’s massive e-waste issue. E-waste is electronic garbage, many cities in urban areas have discouraged it’s residents from disposing of electronic devices and batteries into the garbage because they are environmentally unsuitable for landfills and incinerators.

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