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The famous 4chan website, has been invading the Ethereum’s blockchain in a similar way to what KryptoKitties did in the past. Users at 4chan are sending memes including shrimps, mushrooms, frogs, and other funny images through the famous blockchain network.

4chan Invades Etheruems’s Blockchain

We all remember what happened with CryptoKitties. At the end of 2017 – just on time when Bitcoin and Ethereum where reaching new highs – the cat’s game invaded Ethereum’s network with cats.

According to trustnodes, a user at 4chan is uploading shrimps, mushrooms, and other memes to the blockchain. Apparently, the shrimps produce eggs, and the mushroom spores that later can be bought and sell for ETH. For example, 5032.5 eggs could be bought for 0.01 ETH.

The shrimp smart contract was able to give less than a penny, but hatching more shrimps, it is possible to get more ETH.

The game is not CryptoKitties, but it can be a good educational game to show to kids and people outside that world, how the platform works. It can be thought very easily and show possible uses for ETH. Moreover, it has not been developed by similar enterprises as CryptoKitties, with a group of professional developers behind, and other experts.

It is also important to mark that this game has taken ETH’s fees to 15 cents, and smart contract transactions to 50 cents. We also need to consider that ETH transactions have been increasing since the beginning of April and reached almost 1 million on May the 4th.


CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-based game that allows users to buy and sell cats with different attributes and features. What is surprising is that the game registered more than $12 million sales before January 2018, just some months after launching. 

The most expensive cat has been sold on December the 12th at 253.33 ETH ($180,122 at current prices). The game has also created some troubles to the Ethereum’s network due to the fact that the number of transactions was so high that the network got congested. It was very expensive to send and receive ETH, something that users were complaining about.

Now, Ethereum developers are searching different scaling solutions to help the network grow and face high volume periods.

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