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2017 was a super impressive year for cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin, the poster boy of cryptocurrencies delivered an incredible 1,420% gain to dwarf the performance of the best performing assets on Wall Street. For instance, the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones only delivered 19.42%, 28.24%, and 25.08% respectively.
At the height of Bitcoin’s rally in 2017, the cryptocurrency was trading around $20,000 and at that price – few people could afford to buy and hold a whole unit of BTC. Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have suffered a correction in prices as 2018 got underway; yet, there’s no denying the fact that Bitcoin’s trading price around $9,000 is beyond the reach of many retail investors.
Interestingly, some smart investors are looking at altcoins, which trades at the fraction of the price of Bitcoin in the hopes of finding the next big thing. If you are also looking for a cryptocurrency that has the potential to deliver exponential returns in the short to medium terms; this article is written to provide you with information that will send you in the right direction.
By the way of disclaimers, this post is not intended to be provide investment or financial advice; it is merely an informational post about developments in the cryptocurrency market. It is in your best interest to conduct proper due diligence before you invest in any asset.


Ripple is one of the upcoming cryptocurrencies strategically positioned for growth as 2018 gets underway. Ripple is simply an enterprise-grade solution to some of the biggest problems facing the global payments market. Ripple is particularly interested in connecting banks, digital asset exchanges, and payment providers to move money seamlessly globally. Transactions on Ripple’s protocol are settled within seconds and experts believe that banks can save as much as $3 per transaction if they drop the SWIFT network and adopt Ripple instead.


If you understand how Ethereum works, you already have a basic idea of how NEO coin works. NEO is a platform for creating smart contracts, a functionality for running ICOs, and a tool for digitizing traditional assets. NEO unique value proposition lies in the fact that it allows people to create truly smart contracts written in Java, C# and C; hence, social buzz around NEO coin suggests that it has the potential to attract a wider userbase than Ethereum where users must learn Solidity before they can write code for smart contracts. The best part is that NEO has a vibrant network of strategic partnerships that it can leverage to promote the mass market adoption of its blockchain.


Monero is another interesting cryptocurrency with the potential to breakout into the mass-market because of it is sticking to the core idea of cryptocurrencies. Monero is inherently anonymous and people who don’t like getting the government or its agency involved in their financial affairs will find refuge in Monero. Anonymity is supposed to be encoded in the DNA of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin started out with anonymity before it started succumbing to regulatory pressure. It is still to early to know if Monero will eventually bow to pressure to peel away the veil of anonymity on its transactions; yet, there’s no denying the fact that there’s a huge market for anonymous transfer and receipt of value.


IOTA is an interesting cryptocurrency in that it’s protocol is not based on blockchain technology. IOTA is simply a protocol for the exchange and transfer of value as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to take centerstage globally. IOTA provides a platform where IoT devices can exchange value, information, and data streams in a verified and secured decentralized and self-regulating peer-to-peer network. Apart from IOTA’s focus on Internet of Values, IOTA facilitates the exchange of value without charging a fee or transaction cost. As devices become smarter and more interconnected; investors can expect an increased interest in the value proposition of IOTA.


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