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According to reports, Russia has joined Iran to be among the growing list of countries developing their own cryptocurrencies. They agreed on building up their own cryptocurrency to help battle U.S.- forced sanctions. This came within a short time after Iran hinted to create a cryptocurrency.

Venezuela Finance Minister’s Comment

Venezuelan Financial Minister Simon Zerpa Delgado, was in Russia a week ago, where he talked with officials about reinforcing collaboration and about the Latin American nation’s recently launched digital currency.

Delgado said in a tweet that: “in this gathering, we have surveyed the economic and money related collaboration between the 2 nations, with accentuation on the new digital currency of Venezuela: the El Petro. Therefore, we conveyed updated data to Minister Anton Siluanov about our cryptocurrency.”

According to the New York Times, Russian authorities have already traded thoughts regarding issuing some sort of digital likeness of the ruble to evade U.S. sanctions.

China and Singapore have additionally communicated enthusiasm for making their own particular types of cryptocurrency, however, experts say the countries will hold up to judge Venezuela’s prosperity with the El Petro before putting up their own particular forms for sale to the public.

Also, Mati Greenspan, a senior market examiner at social exchanging firm eToro, reacting to the enthusiasm by nations sanctioned by the United States and European Union, called digital currencies an “excellent idea”.

However, Greenspan added that Vladimir Putin and Maduro have fundamentally the same problems. They both have a high reliance on the price of crude oil, which has been fairly unstable over the most recent couple of years. They both have issues with U.S. sanctions and with the U.S. dollar being the world reserve currency. Nevertheless, to feel that of all the considerable number of governments and banks who are toying with the idea, it would be Nicolas Maduro who arrives 1st. Maduro on February 22, 2018,  said that his government had brought $1 billion up in the initial 2 days of its El Petro digital currency deal.

Iran’s Decision

The Head of Iran’s Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi made a statement that the test model for a “cloud-based” cryptocurrency is as of now being worked on and will be submitted to the Iranian bank system soon. Iran planned on this move in somewhere last year and is approaching to hit their target.

According to NPR, the Iranian authority reported the move succeeding a gathering with the state-owned Post Bank of Iran. The Central Bank of Iran, in any case, has denied the bits of gossip. As per Iran Front Page News, the bank underscored the highly questionable and risky nature of the digital currency market, cautioning investors they may lose their financial assets in a domain overflowing with “pyramid schemes”.

Furthermore, Azari Jahromi in his tweet said that “in a gathering with the Board of Directors of the Bank on post-digital currency in view of the blockchain, I endorsed the Bank measures to execute the nation’s first cloud-based digital currency. An exploratory model for the nation’s banking system to examine and then endorsement will be provided”.

3 Countries Who Have Developed Their Own Cryptocurrencies

While many are worried about the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, some countries and initiatives are utilizing the technology behind the currency, the blockchain to develop their own cryptocurrency. The following are 3 countries who have launched or are going to be launching their own digital currencies.


The Financial Times has announced that Japanese banks want to present a cryptocurrency for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The digital currency named; J Coin is intended to be utilized to pay for goods and exchange money using smartphones.

However, the new currency will be convertible into yen on a balanced premise in the application and will utilize QR codes to check in stores. Also, banks will offer the service for free, and be paid for the information they will gather on consumer spending patterns.

Moreover, the new cryptocurrency is an approach for them to avert the risk from the Chinese tech organization Alibaba, which has as of late launched its mobile-payment service in Japan. Nevertheless, Japanese banks have cautioned the country’s government that information on Japanese consumers should rather be sent to China.


At the beginning of this year, Senegal chose to take after Tunisia’s illustration and launch its variant of a national cryptocurrency. It has an indistinguishable value as the country’s currency, the CFA franc. However, the two organizations behind the currency are the Senegalese bank, Banque Regionale de Marches (BRM) and eCurrency Mint.

BRM and eCurrency Mint, in an announcement, stated that the eCFA is a high-security digital currency that can be held in all mobile money and e-money wallets. They also stated that the cryptocurrency will empower interoperability, safe universal liquidity, and give straightforwardness to the whole digital ecosystem in WAEMU (West African Economy and Money Union).

The currency depends on the blockchain and has been intended to be well-matched with other digital currencies in Africa.


Toward the finish of 2017, the central bank of Israel said from a source that, it was thinking about developing its own digital currency. This would have two purposes: decrease the amount of physical money out the economy and make a quicker payment system. However, the new digital currency is probably going to be centralized and maintain tax evasion rules, which will be not at all like any semblance of bitcoin.

Nevertheless, it will be fascinating to check whether it happens. As exposed to Reuters by the source, the government may present the matter in its 2019 budget and economic package if the bank gives it the go ahead. Therefore everyone’s eyes on the Bank of Israel.

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