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Cryptocurrency News

Ian Karamanov by Jun 19, 2019

Libra White Paper Revealed: All Cards Are Now on the Table

People who were skeptic about Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency can now reasonably voice their concerns. The Libra white paper was just released and

Avatar by Jun 19, 2019

TRON MainNet Upgrade: Is it Enough to Repair the Reputation

The next TRON MainNet Upgrade Odyssey v3.6 is set to introduce a lot of features that will help TRON with its dApp creation, security and stability.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 18, 2019

Bitcoin Daily Active Addresses Jump Over 1 Million: Answering Skeptics

Recent data shows that bitcoin daily active addresses have been increasing steadily and are now well above 1 million. A few skeptics however, believe

Avatar by Jun 18, 2019

Ripple MoneyGram Partnership: xRapid Changing The Game

The recently announced Ripple MoneyGram partnership has the potential to entirely revolutionize how cross-border payments work

Ian Karamanov by Jun 17, 2019

Coinbase Custody Already Has Over $1.3Billion AUC: Aims Higher

Representatives of Coinbase Custody visited the United Kingdom last week and discussed the future of the company as well as the increase of crypto custody

Avatar by Jun 17, 2019

Libra Association Revealed: The Truth Behind Project Libra

Next week the Libra Association will be revealed. That being said, the goal behind Project Libra, more commonly known as GlobalCoin, will definitely not

Ian Karamanov by Jun 14, 2019

CENTRE Consortium Expanding: More Members Gain Access to USDCs

Coinbase and Circle are opening up the CENTRE Consortium for potential new members. The new members will be able to issue USDCs

Avatar by Jun 14, 2019

Blockchain Spending to Increase Massively by 2029

Blockchain spending is predicted to massively increase in the next 10 years. Not only are many different sectors going to increase their blockchain

Ian Karamanov by Jun 13, 2019

Bitcoin Theft has to be Answered Personally by Craig Wright

One of the biggest scandals in the crypto community might seal Craig Wright’s fate. The controversial computer scientist is accused of a bitcoin theft

Avatar by Jun 13, 2019

Spring Labs Just Finished Their First $23 Million Funding Round

It’s always nice to see great ideas from blockchain startups be appreciated. Spring Labs just finished its first funding round worth $23 million so it can

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