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Ian Karamanov by Apr 19, 2019

Going Broke was Inevitable for Musk. He Risked Everything to Win

When going broke seemed inevitable, Elon Musk managed to make it through what he calls “the worst period of his life” and join the billionaire club by

Ian Karamanov by Apr 18, 2019

Delist Bitcoin SV: Crypto Exchanges United Behind Binance

Following Changpeng Zhao, a lot of crypto exchanges have decided to delist Bitcoin SV. It seems that Craig Wright’s behavior has finally

Ian Karamanov by Apr 17, 2019

Crypto Game of Thrones: Simple Explanation of Who is What

Cryptocurrencies are the hit TV series Game of Thrones are both redefining in their respective spheres. A Crypto Game of Thrones, can be used to explain

Ian Karamanov by Apr 16, 2019

Great Firewall of Russia Voted in by the Parliament: Implications

More censorship is never good. Unfortunately, the Russian government is moving forward with its own version of the Great Firewall which will inevitably

Ian Karamanov by Apr 15, 2019

Robotics to Help Replace Amazon Workers: Bezos’ Insolence

There is something very wrong when one of the world’s richest men lies to his own workers while actively planning to use robotics to replace them.

Ian Karamanov by Apr 12, 2019

Institutional Investor: Harvard Just Bought 95 Million Stack Tokens

Even when Bitcoin was worth $20 000 almost no institutional investor was willing to risk involvement in the market. Times have changed and now we’re seeing

Ian Karamanov by Apr 11, 2019

Boring Company Will be Used by Netanyahu and Musk to Help Israel

Israel’s infrastructure problem isn’t going anywhere. The now victorious Prime Minister, has already discussed to use Musk’s Boring Company to help solve

Ian Karamanov by Apr 10, 2019

Ban Crypto Mining, says China: Bitmain to have Huge Problems

China’s call to ban crypto mining will most likely have a positive effect on the market. Bitmain however, will have to seriously change the company’s

Ian Karamanov by Apr 9, 2019

Electrum Hacked Again: Massive DoS Attack Steals Millions

Electrum has once again fallen to an attack. Currently, the company is dealing with a large-scale DoS attack which has already stolen millions.

Ian Karamanov by Apr 8, 2019

Model 3: Secret Cameras Reveal Elon Musk’s Huge Ambitions

There a huge fuzz around Model 3, not because of some game-changing technology, but because of rearview mirror secret cameras. Musk however, used this

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