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Bitcoin News

Gene by Dec 14, 2017

Vertcoin Cryptocurrency Review: The Quiet Coin Everyone Should Know

Vertcoin is toted as “a decentralized currency owned by its users.” Launched in January of 2014, Vertcoin has been around for quite a while now, yet it is not one of the more popular cryptocurrencies you will find.

Tony Oreso by Dec 14, 2017

Bulgrarian University Introduces Bitcoin Bursary

  A Bulgarian University is set to be the first tertiary learning institution to introduce Bitcoin bursary. While Bitcoin’s spiritual home rests with the IT enthusiasts, its ascension into the conventional financial world has done a lot to its value. IT experts in various spheres spend time ruminating over Blockchain, Bitcoin, and all aspects of […]

Kaia by Dec 14, 2017

Know Your Customer: Are we in the 21st Century Yet?

People have not always needed to formally verify each other’s identity – throughout human history, when people mostly stayed within their own communities, it was enough that other residents knew them.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Dec 14, 2017

Litecoin Surpassing Bitcoin In 2017

It is quite surprising to read a headline as this, yes we know. We know you are aware that bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency currently at about $17,000, while Litecoin is barely half a grand at the moment…oh yes you are right. But before you brush this off as a scam, why don’t you […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Dec 14, 2017

Cryptocurrency Market Boom

Cryptocurrency is indeed having a really good time, if not the greatest time in the whole year. It surpassed JPMorgan in market value, bitcoin crossed $17,000, and as if that’s not enough, bitcoin’s rival cryptocurrencies Litecoin and Ethereum have had really great price increments over the last week. Litecoin is trading at almost $400 and […]

John Kumi by Dec 14, 2017

Trader Predicts That Bitcoin Price Heads To $100,000

Internet and smartphone users are growing day in and day out. This has caused the users of the cryptocurrency to increase massively globally. Over a period of years, the number of merchants investing in Bitcoin has increased from 36,000 to 182,000 in 2017. Its fluctuation price is seen by few experts as bubble. The Deputy […]

John Kumi by Dec 14, 2017

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Says Bitcoin Is the Biggest Bubble in Finance History

The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, on Wednesday, tweeted about the bubbling nature of Bitcoin. He tweeted that Bitcoin is the biggest bubble in the history of finance. This has added up to the many comments and predictions which characterizes bitcoin as bubble made by experts. His comment is based on the recent rise of […]

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 14, 2017

Russia May Be Looking at Bitcoin Positively

Russia has been in the news several times because it wants to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It has announced its plan to create the CryptoRuble (national cryptocurrency), and has already opened two cryptocurrency institutions in Vladivostok. According to Bloomberg, an adviser to President Vladimir Putin said that cryptocurrencies may be used to help banks avoid international sanctions.