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Bitcoin News

Andrew Ancheta by Apr 21, 2018

Savedroid “Pretends” to Run With Investors Money

Another day, another cryptocurrency exit scam. ICO scams are so common these days that they’re barely worth reporting on—unless they’re as spectacularly dumb as Savedroid(SVD), which tried to backpedal its exit scam by pretending they were kidding all along.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Apr 21, 2018

Huge Boost For IOTA As Fujitsu Executive Joins Staff

With the creation of the Tangle technology in recent times and it still being in its early stages yet with so much capacity, IOTA’s next most visible goal now is to create a good and attractive global brand that can and will draw in more investors.

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Apr 21, 2018

SEC Issues Subpoena To Blockchain Firm… After Name Change

Per a report from the company that was released recently, the blockchain firm stated that it had been subpoenaed to present certain information to the SEC. It stated that the subpoena issued on the 9th of April was “requesting certain information from the company”.

Kaia by Apr 21, 2018

ICO: SPINDLE – the Initial Coin Offering

SPINDLE is the official utility token to be used on the blockchain-based investment / asset management platform SPINDLE, a comprehensive space which aims to act as a gateway creating access to various investment options at a high level of transparency.

Kaia by Apr 21, 2018

ICO: AI Crypto – the Initial Coin Offering

The AI Crypto team is open to all kinds of technology if they fulfill the idea of ‘righteous usage of impartial resources’ and are willing to include them in the AI Ecosystem where other members agree.

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 21, 2018

JP Morgan, National Bank of Canada, and Goldman Sachs, Work with Blockchain Technology

Some international and central banks are experimenting with blockchain technology for debt issuance. These banks are JP Morgan, the National Bank of Canada, Goldman Sachs, and many other companies.

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 21, 2018

Bitcaning In Singapore: Bitcoins Are Back In Popular Demand

As Bitcoin is making a rapid recovery from its pitfall of $6620, it is becoming more and more popular. Remember we have stated that it was only a matter of time until Bitcoins started coming up in price? It may be you have thought that this was the beginning of the end. In fact, the […]

Steve Kaaru by Apr 21, 2018

Crypto Exchange CEO Runs For Mayor Of Taiwan’s Capital

How can the blockchain community bring about changes in the regulatory framework to ensure that there is a well laid out framework that fosters the growth of the industry? While some may think that lobbying and social media messages are good enough, one Yi-Ting Cheng has a whole different perspective. Cheng, the CEO of OTCBTC […]