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Bitcoin News

Philip by Jan 19, 2018


“EtherZero – Next Generation of Smart Contract Platform” is the motto of the ETZ creators. Their goal is to bring DAPPs to the next level by basically taking away the transaction costs. Find out more in our article!

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 18, 2018

Siacoin is Now Supported by Antpool and Bitmain Launches New Miner

Siacoin token, has been in the media during the last days due to its price surge. This cryptocurrency has moved from $0.025 dollars on January the 2nd up to $0.10 dollars on January the 6th. This has called the attention of several investors that could be thinking about future returns.

Peio Purlev by Jan 18, 2018

Why were the prices down? Is it quiet before the storm?

Cryptocurrency market prices are down and have been free falling since January 16th.  A massive correction is taking place everywhere. Everything in top 10 lost up to 50% value. Massive red flags can be seen down to the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The total market valuation declined from 700$ billion to under 440$ billion in a 48-hour window. The market is still unstable and a lot of support has come to recover it.

Gabriela by Jan 18, 2018

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: The Cool Kids of Crypto in 2018

From something familiar only to techies it came to be the hottest topic in business and personal finance for 2017. All this hype got newcomers, like myself, feeling like we simply missed the train. Like we were just late to the party and the fun was well over.

Peio Purlev by Jan 18, 2018

Learn about IOTA (MIOTA) in this Beginner’s Guide

IOTA is a next generation public ledger, with a cryptocurrency called MIOTA (Millions of IOTA or Mega IOTA). The currency is specially designed for the Internet of Things and currently it holds in the top ten spot by market capitalization with around 10 billion in market cap as of writing this tutorial. The ICO was in 2015, but the token started trading in 2017. The interest for the coin was so massive that the enormous trading volume at the start crashed Bitfinex’s servers for few hours.

Carlos Terenzi by Jan 18, 2018

South Koreans Gather More Than 200K Signatures Against Cryptocurrency Regulations

During the last months, South Korea has appeared in the news because of different cryptocurrency regulations. The government has been warning the society about the different risks that cryptocurrencies pose to investors. But South Koreans do not want to allow the government to create more regulations over these currencies.

Gabriela by Jan 18, 2018

Cointed Transparency Report: Company Structure and Ownership

For a few months the team worked together with independent auditors to create a detailed Transparency Report. In it, you can find details about the company’s strategic plan and actualized financial performance of all four of their business ventures. Also, you can access documentation surrounding partnerships, ownership and property rights. Here, we will discuss only […]

John Kumi by Jan 18, 2018

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Price to Hit $100,000 in 2018 despite Continuous Fall

Bitcoin seems to be crashing, and its market cap seems to be falling, but there are few analysts who hold on to their predictions. The strongest one is the new predictions defiling all odds to predict an abnormal increase for the cryptocurrency. Going contrary to the recent prediction by the Quinlan associates estimating the digital […]